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Probably the first things that come to mind when you imagine a professional office are mahogany desks, wooden doors, and sizable, segregated meeting spaces. Although this may be the standard professional office layout, new trends and modifications to work environments and traffic patterns show that a professional space need not be conventional.

The world’s most professional workplaces, including Google, Airbnb, Etsy, and Facebook, are also innovators in contemporary design. They adapt classic office design principles for today’s workers and customers so that everyone can work effectively, meaningfully, and in style.

Look at Nobe’s advice for making a professional office design that also adheres to 21st-century standards!

Combining Professional and Modern Design

It’s not necessary to sacrifice modernity and originality just because you want your office to exude professionalism. You may simply combine a professional and modern style if you keep a few things in mind.


How well a company tells its story contributes to its success. The best offices aren’t only practical; they also serve to convey a company’s culture. You may demonstrate the creativity and energy of your business by picking out a few accent elements that stick out inside your design.

One option is to use the company logo on an accent wall. To liven up the area, you might also add conference rooms or Coworking areas with vibrantly colored office chairs. Anywhere in the office, accent chairs can be employed to change the look and add to the overall design.

Poufs are increasingly starting to be used in common areas of many offices. These can offer fantastic opportunities for your staff to work in a novel setting because they serve as both sitting and table spaces. These can also serve as accents to your office decor if they are used in the proper areas and with some colorful materials.


People typically get very drab images in their heads when they hear the phrase “corporate at work.” Motivational signs and vintage landscape photographs hung on the walls can indicate that a business is out-of-date and unprofessional. 

Any visitor to your office will be able to see your originality, modernism, and uniqueness by choosing one or two big, bold pieces of art for the walls.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are one of the foundations of contemporary office design. These are open areas with various areas for employees to brainstorm, discuss, and strengthen relationships—a little different from meeting rooms. 

Some of the furniture utilized in Coworking spaces includes high countertops with bar stools, low tables, and desks with chairs, lounge chairs, and poufs. Providing seating options other than standard office chairs is a fantastic approach to encourage innovation and create spaces where workers can perform at their best. What could be more expert than that?


Well-lit offices are among the most contemporary and effective. Although it’s ideal to have several sources of natural light, this is frequently out of your control. If your office doesn’t have many windows or skylights, it’s important to select contemporary lighting that offers plenty of light.

Modern lighting fixtures can help with your design and provide your room with the proper kind of light. Utilize LED bulbs that produce a continuous light and take steps to reduce glare on your employees’ computer screens. To illuminate the entire area, you can utilize a variety of fixtures. Nothing like burned-out fluorescent lights to show how antiquated and unprofessional your office is!

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