Use Cane or Rattan Furniture in Your Home for These 7 Reasons! | Better Furniture

Since the invention of material, a wide range of materials are now accessible for furniture: Popular materials for home decor include cane. Rattan or wicker furniture are other names for cane furniture. Furniture made of cane or rattan is very lightweight and comes in earthy, warm colors. 

As a result, it is regarded as being suitable for indoor and outdoor furnishings as part of home decor. Due to its versatility, it may be made to complement both interior and outdoor home decor by incorporating contemporary trends and styles.

Style and Appearance

The caned furniture’s timeless beauty and design is one of its most defining characteristics. Caned furniture has a natural, artistic, and elegant appearance that never goes out of style. Caned furniture has different weaving or wicker patterns, which is a form of expertise that only specialists possess.

It invites a view of nature indoors, bringing the outside inside. Some people embellish chairs and tables with cushions or seats to make them look better. Wicker furniture is a popular option because of its beauty and style.

Easy to Move Around and Lightweight

The fact that rattan furniture is lightweight is one of its biggest benefits. Due to its modest weight, it may be moved from one location to another with ease. Additionally, it comes in a variety of lovely patterns.

One of the motives for using cane furniture on patios, lawns, and other outdoor spaces is lightheartedness. The table and chairs are lighter than metal and wooden furniture and are simple for people to lift.

Easy to Clean

Cane furniture is less porous, which is a nice feature. As a result, the liquid is simple to clean with a dry towel, a soft vacuum may remove dust, and a soft, moist cloth can be used to wipe it off.

Cost-effective and Artistic

Given the low cost of the cane and the furniture frames, caned furniture is a cost-effective alternative. Wicker, however, is a skill that only a select few skilled individuals possess. Furniture is woven over time and with effort. 

As a result, artistic furniture stands out from other varieties of commercially produced furniture and exhibits manual labor.

Sustainable Materials

Due to its environmental friendliness, wicker furniture is a popular choice. It is mostly constructed of rattan plant stalks and is strong. The climber palm tree, which grows in tropical areas of Asia and Africa, provides it.

It is often made by removing the rattan vine’s skin. To make the material look more appealing, solid hardwood, steel, or aluminum frames are then wrapped around it. The use of a cane as a wicker material efficiently draws attention to the rattan skin’s mottled coloring and pattern. It goes without saying that it is a naturally renewable resource.


Different sorts of furniture can be made from rattan by shaping and designing it. With its unparalleled versatility, it has the ability to completely alter the interior design of a home or business. 

Due to their extreme flexibility, canes are the perfect materials to utilize when creating chair seats or surface textures to conceal furniture. It can be used to create several furniture styles that can be positioned anywhere in a room or garden.

Reliability and Caning Repair

Furniture like this is guaranteed to last for many years and to remain fashionable. With the right maintenance, the furniture can easily endure one to three decades. If the wicker becomes loose or the straws break, you might need to engage Caning Repair services. 

Caned furniture is simple to maintain, but you must make sure that repairs are made before they need to be replaced. You might need to entirely replace the chair if you wait a long time before letting the straws break or become loose.

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