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Bedroom colour schemes are extremely personal; they can elicit feelings of happiness, comfort, warmth, and many other emotions. Find inspiration from these bedrooms that showcase colours perfectly, whether you crave a palette of bright colours or prefer a soothing scheme of neutrals for your personal space. 

  1. Dark and light yellow

To create a dynamic yet balanced bedroom colour scheme, combine soft shades of both warm and cool tones. Squash yellow and creamy white are tempered by barely-there grey bedding and subtle hints of deep emerald green in pillows and wall art.

  1. Black and white

When accented with shiny brass and blush pink, a black and white bedroom colour scheme is anything but basic. This bedroom’s light tones soften the high-contrast pairing of two-tone wall colours. Because the room is well-lit, the dark colour on the lower half of the wall feels grounding rather than overwhelming. When combining colour with black and white, use barely-there tones to keep the emphasis on the room’s graphic elements. The floral wall art and throw blanket at the end of the bed, both in muted blush pink, add subtle interest to this bedroom colour scheme.

  1. Blue and white

Blue and white are a common bedroom colour scheme duo, but adding fuchsia makes the scheme stand out. The floral-patterned duvet inspired and guided the colour ratios in this bedroom. Teal blue dominates the wall colour scheme, with off-white appearing in medium doses. Fuchsia is used as an accent colour, on a throw blanket and in wall art above the bed.

  1. Neutral color

Warm neutral bedroom colours will envelop a large room in a blanket of cosiness. A wood plank accent wall and simple wood furniture create a richly textured backdrop here. A modern vibe is provided by small doses of saturated charcoal grey and an abundance of bright white.

  1. Beachy color

Bring the look of a beach resort into your home with a palette inspired by the seaside. Begin with a foundation of sandy browns and weathered whites, then add dusty blues and greens. When putting together a beach bedroom colour scheme, think beyond paint. Hand-glazed woven raffia wallpaper and slate tiles convey seaside textures in this space.

  1. Warm white shades

Neutral walls and furniture in warm white shades create a cloud-like backdrop for the vibrant coral-orange and aqua blue. The colour scheme is inspired by the abstract floral print shams on the bed, and the rest of the room’s elements follow suit. Find a pillow or bedspread in colours you like to start your bedroom colour scheme and work your way up. Bedding is frequently sold in coordinated sets, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. Mix and match or leave out pieces of the set. For example, instead of a bed skirt that matches the pillows, choose one in a solid colour that complements the rest of the bedding.

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