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The nautical design style is ideal for relaxing and unwinding in your bedroom after a long day. The relaxed aesthetic, combined with soothing colors and natural materials, would put anyone at ease.


Simply put, nautical design and decor include anything related to the sea. This could include anything from seashells and fish to driftwood and sailors knots – anything with a seaside or nautical theme. Nature plays an important role, from natural lighting to the materials used throughout, but there is one thing that every nautical design must have: the seaside theme. This particular interior design style is especially popular during the summer for obvious reasons, but for those of us who yearn for warmer weather, a nautical design can provide us with that beachside escape all year round.


  1. Color

Color is essential in nautical-themed rooms. The main colors associated with nautical style are white (or antique white), rust red, and navy blue. These colors are vibrant, so avoid using a heavy hand when decorating with them. Painting all of the walls in the bedroom navy blue may be too much, especially in a small room, but you could paint an accent wall one of the nautical colors and keep the other walls a softer color. Wallpaper and borders in these colors are also good choices, and you can always add color with accessories. Ticking stripes in red or navy blue are another great way to incorporate nautical colors into your decor.

  1. Pattern

Patterns and symbols play an important role in how a theme is communicated, and for nautical design, stripes, plaid, and seaside imagery are essential. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to stripes, though navy and white shades tend to blend best with the nautical theme, and the thickness of the stripes can provide completely different atmospheres.

If you prefer prints or unusual patterns, consider beach-inspired patterns and symbols, such as anchors and boats, compasses, and sea life. If you don’t live near a beach, now is the time to hang some nautical artwork, whether it’s a beach scene or simple symbol-based prints.

  1. Accessories/decoration item

Of course, lighthouses and sailboats are ubiquitous in nautical design, and you can incorporate them into your bedroom in a variety of ways. Look for paintings of lighthouses and sailboats, or old photos (or take your own) of lighthouses and sailboats to frame and hang on the walls. Model lighthouses and sailboats can be found in almost any home décor store; start a collection and display it in the room. Sailor flags are also a nice addition to a large enough bedroom. A ship in a bottle is also a nice addition.

  1. Fabric and material

When decorating in a nautical theme, the materials you use in your bedroom or any other room in the house can make or break the look. When it comes to fabrics, keep things as natural and light as possible. Cotton and linen are typically the fabrics of choice due to their quick-drying and bacteria-resistant properties, which are ideal for beachside homes, as well as their lighter feel, which flows beautifully in the breeze and adds comfort throughout the home. Soft-touch materials can be ideal for a bedroom, contributing to a bright but cozy environment conducive to sleep and relaxation. Materials such as jute, rope, and, of course, driftwood all make excellent accents to the standard cotton or linen, adding new textures.

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